Friday, February 17, 2012

Here We Go Again

And as it were...we were back in the Dr.'s office this morning.  Hoping once again to hear a better report.  Happy to say little man is looking good!  Ears are clear and he is ready to roll.  Princess pretty face however, not so much!  I can preface this by telling you we have been to the Dr. probably 12 times since September and hospitialized once.  Before this time we have never been sick in our little lives!  The culprit?  We started Pre-K in the fall. I had no idea this would mean school uniforms, shoes, book bags and 10 gallons of hand sanitizer!  The other children have weathered a bit better, I must add they started school prior and most moms have assured me this is routine and it will get better.  I do not remember as a child having these issues nor did my friends.  Have bugs gotten that much worse over the years or have they morphed into something new?  Are the over the counter meds just not working or are we that weak on immunity? Im heading to my natural healing books to look into this further.  I pray this is the last round and hopefully, I will find some natural healing information that will facilitate this process. If you have experienced similar issues, feel free to chime in! 

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