Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saving a good soak for a special occasion is one thing or maybe it is something you enjoy daily, a long hot bath sometimes, is just what you need to wind down, relax and have a few moments to just be.  Maybe you love a favorite essential oil, bubbles or just a few cups of epsom salt, one can not deny the joy of lying in a hot tub with some cool cucumber slices marinating your tired eyeballs.  Many years ago I discovered a bath treat call a bath bomb. I dropped this huge ball of joy into my tub and it was like cleopatra's new love! OMGosh!  The aroma, the tingle, the little dried rose petals, OH MY! This fall when my babies were sick I used a mentha bath bomb and it sure helped the little cherubs breath. They also thought the fizz was pretty cool!  As, I have formulated soaps and such for awhile I decided to try making bath bombs myself.  It seemed easy enough, so I started with a basic formula and it was, I must admit, a bit tricky.  My first lesson is there can be no moisture in the air, so my rainy day experiment turned into something that looked kindof like a cononut snowball, not what I wanted.  I kept working at it and in the end I came up with a unique blend of dry ingredients, which includes milk, oils, etc.  Rarely, do I get to enjoy a long soak in the tub, but when I do you better bet, I have some of these babies ready to go.

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