Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recycle Coffee Grounds from your K-Cups

If you are a tried and true coffee lover who is looking to beautify your appearance, then the great news for you is the fact that coffee has beneficial properties that not only affect your health and wellness, but your appearance too! In the past several years, there have been hundreds of products on the market that contain caffeine to work to heal and restore your complexion. Coffee was actually in question several years ago by the FDA because studies were unsure whether or not it was good for you. There were several negative studies released, though they were later found to be incorrect because the coffee drinkers within the tests were also smokers, so the findings were inaccurate.
The good news for you to know about coffee relating to your skin care is that caffeine is a vasodilator which works to firm and tighten your complexion. Coffee is also naturally full of antioxidants, and I am sure that you have seen numerous skin care products on the market that are focusing on using antioxidants to heal and restore damage to your face. It has been said in the past that drinking too much caffeine will affect your skin negatively because it is a diuretic, so it will draw necessary moisture from your complexion. However, if you do drink coffee in moderation, then you will be enjoying numerous antioxidants that will work to fight free radicals in your cells and counteract the appearance of damage to your face.
Caffeine is also currently being used in skin creams and lotions because, as I mentioned earlier, it is a vasodilator, which means that it constricts blood cells. The benefit of caffeine for your skin is that it will firstly work to reduce redness. Secondly, it will firm and tighten surface of your skin through constriction, so many companies are using this ingredient to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The caffeine in coffee when used in skin care works to dehydrate fatty cells so that water will disappear from the surface of your skin. This means that the appearance of cellulite is minimized, and your skin begins to look smoother overall.
Another popular use for caffeine in beauty products is within eye creams because that is an area that needs smoothing and firming for dramatic results. Using caffeine in this delicate area can easily tighten fine lines and smooth puffy surfaces. I am sure that if you look in your local beauty or skin care aisle, you will notice numerous high quality products that utilize coffee as an ingredient. The bonus to this is that your products will also smell delicious and be a pleasure to use. The benefit to your skin is that it will be absorbing caffeine to tighten and firm your appearance. There are even new studies showing that coffee inhibits the growth of skin cancer cells, so the benefits of using beauty products and skin care products that contain coffee and caffeine are numerous. Now you can not only enjoy drinking your cup of Joe, but you can use it for a flawless appearance as well!
credits to Chuggin McCoffee Hubspot

Quick Coffee Cellulite Scrub
1 TBSP Olive Oil EVOO
Contents of 1 K-Cup any caffeinated flavor
Mix well and while in shower slather over entire body, paying attention to problem areas.  If you want a little extra exfoliation use 2 tsp cane sugar.

Have a Yummy Day Y'all!

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